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What Is Everlance?

Everlance Is More Than Just A Mileage Tracker

Every month it’s our goal at Best Sales Tools to find a product that can help businesses make or save more money. This month we’ve found an amazing one; Everlance.  This app does so much more than just mileage tracking, it finds an average of $6,500 per year in deductions. 

For those of you used to apps like MileIQ, Quickbooks Self-Employed or TripLog – be prepared to be amazed by the sheer number of features Everlance has on tap. 

Track Mileage

The core feature of Everlance is mileage tracking, and it does it better than any other app in the World. Not only can does it automatically track each ride in silently in the background (using GPS) but it also shows you the entire route from start-to-finish on a map, complete with a running tally of how much money you’ve saved.

Unlike some of the other apps we’ve tried, Everlance lets you manually add older trips in-app. This means that you can open the app and click some buttons, add your old trips and you’re good. That’s a super easy feature we love.

Track Expenses

Not every mileage tracking app offers expense tracking, but they should! With Everlance you can manually track every expense, snap pics of your receipts or get super-high-tech and link up your bank account or credit card and let Everlance automatically track expenses for you. 

If we only had to pick one amazing feature, automatic expense tracking would probably be it. We use it nearly every day.

Track Revenue

This is one of those features you didn’t know you needed until you need it. It may not apply to every business, however, for those that do earn revenue per trip (like Uber drivers!) it makes recording that information a breeze. 

One of the greatest uses for this is definitely for those of us that freelance. You can record mileage, expenses & revenue with one app and get a complete picture.

Get Deductions or Reimbursement

What good is tracking mileage & expenses if you can’t deduct them on taxes or get reimbursed? Everlance makes it easy to export your data to hand off to the accounting manager at your job, a tax preparer or your favorite tax software. 

You can also upload the .CSV data into platforms like Quickbooks. We think it’s the best reporting around.

Everlance Features

Here’s a quick glance of a few killer features that you get with Everlance

Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking with Everlance is incredibly simple. Download the app, register to use it & drive!

Your only requirement is going to be classifying the trip as either “business” or “personal” at the end of the ride.

Expense Tracking

We’ve all got expenses to deal with when we’re out running around for business. With Everlance you can add expenses manually or sync your bank account or credit card and they tally it up for you. 

This is our favorite feature.

Dashboard & Reporting

Have you ever used a product that didn’t have easy way to view your stats? Everlance isn’t like that. Not only can you view your current and past stats on your phone, but they have a sweet Dashboard you can use to view you miles, expenses & revenue as well as export data.

Everlance Stats

3 great reasons you should be using Everlance

Current Users

Tracked Every day

average yearly savings

Everlance For Teams

Everlance isn’t just for single users, nope – they’ve got a whole Enterprise platform! Don’t be fooled by the term “Enterprise” either, as long as you have at least 2 people you can use Everlance Teams and considering the features, it’s totally worth it. 

Sign Up For Everlance Teams
Track All Employee Mileage & Expense

Need to track a large team? Everlance has you covered! All of the great features in Everlance Premium are available on Teams accounts.

Easily Manage Employees From Dashboard

Create, Edit, Update, Delete – You can manage your employees (and admins) direct from the dashboard. See all of their data at a quick glance.

Fast Reporting | Simple Data Exports

Every company needs to keep accurate, IRS-compliant records. Everlance keeps them for your whole team and you can export them instantly.

One. Easy. Bill. 

Why get 5, 10, 20 or more separate bills? Everlance has group billing to make your life easier. You simply pay one bill at the end of the month. 


Echo & Everlance Teams

“We chose Everlance as our employee mileage & expense tracking platform because they have the best product on the market.

Their Teams dashboard allows us to view & approve expense reports in minutes. Our old process was primarily based on reps managing, formatting, and emailing all of their mileage and expense logs. This was a huge burden for them and reduced the amount of time these reps were in the field actively demoing and selling our solutions.

Everlance gave them valuable time back which reduced their stress, saved us time, and ultimately helped us allocate more time with our clients.”

Jeff Huber | Head of Sales

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